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AIRPORTPHYSIO München – Praxis für Physiotherapie und Osteopathie und Trainingstherapie am Münchner Flughafen im Einzugsgebiet Freising / Erding. Wir betreuen Sie individuell und ganzheitlich. Egal ob Manuelle Therapie oder Krankengymnastik, auch am Gerät.
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Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy is active (sports) therapy which we offer either as personal training or in small groups (machine-based remedial gymnastics). On the basis of medical and physical science, active exercise therapy will demonstrably improve the endurance of your muscles, tendons and connective tissue. Targeted exercises compensate for muscular imbalances and restore functional movement patterns. We will create a tailored training plan for you based on your personal goals.

Trainingstherapie Krankengymnastik am Gerät

Machine-based Remedial Gymnastics

Machine-based remedical gymnastics requires an initial appointment where your diagnosis is discussed in detail and an individual training/treatment plan is created. We will create your exercise plan based on the diagnosis, your neurological deficits, and individual goals. The first goal is to compensate for muscular imbalances and restore functional movement patterns for everyday living. We also take into account various aspects of strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance. At the next appointment, you will then start your exercise programme in a small group of no more than three patients. The therapist is always present and monitors you as you carry out your exercises. If necessary, the training plan can be extended, added to , or changed at any subsequent session.

Personal Training

You’ve recognised that health and performance are the basis for your well being and your success. You can achieve these goals in the long term with the holistic approach of personal training. By signing up for 1:1 exercise therapy in our practice, you will receive the maximum benefit in a training programme tailored to your needs. Whether you want to improve your health, pursue your individual sport-specific training goals, or just want to exercise under expert guidance, we will provide you with the advice and practical help you require as well as the necessary drive and motivation. Based on a thorough review of your history and current health, our therapists will create an individual training programme exactly according to your needs, wishes and desires. We use our many years’ experience in classic training methods and physical therapy combined with modern approaches of functional and fascia training, and much more. We specialise in helping customers who want to use their time efficiently and do not want to be left on their own. We offer high qualifications, years of experience, and customer focus.

Trainingstherapie Personal Training

Functional Training

In contrast to conventional forms of training, functional training does not just address individual muscles in isolation, but instead uses targeted movement sequences to target entire systems of muscles. Exercises and movements with one’s own body weight are used to connect and strengthen the entire body functionally. Our therapists attach great importance to optimising your stability (especially your core stability), coordination, mobility and elasticity within a sequence of movements. We will put together a personal training programme based on your current situation and your goals.

Trainingstherapie Functional Training
Trainingstherapie Gravity

Gravity Training

Unlike traditional training methods, the gravity training system is a functional total body workout using your own body’s weight. A height-adjustable slide block provides vertical support and is moved in a flowing motion by pulling on cables. The body thus moves against gravity and the resistance of its own weight. Depending on your goals, the workout can focus on strength, coordination, mobility, or your cardiovascular system. Gravity training is a varied exercise exercise for beginners as well as for advanced users. Both complex whole body movements and as simple patterns of movement can be trained.

Sling Training

Sling training is a versatile and effective total body workout, based on the latest neurophysiological knowledge. Sling training requires the entire body to work to constantly keep its balance during the workout, a task that depends on the instability of the ropes, slings and loops. The high number of signals and stimuli force the muscles to work intensively and efficiently to stabilise the joints. This trains both your sensorimotor systems and overall coordination. In the long term, this will optimise the pattern of your movements, improve their economy, and improve your depth perception, joint stability, and balance. Sling training is a great training tool because its whole-body exercises both strengthen your core muscles and improve your sensorimotor systems.

Trainingstherapie Slingtraining