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AIRPORTPHYSIO München – Praxis für Physiotherapie und Osteopathie und Trainingstherapie am Münchner Flughafen im Einzugsgebiet Freising / Erding. Wir betreuen Sie individuell und ganzheitlich. Egal ob Manuelle Therapie oder Krankengymnastik, auch am Gerät.
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Patient information

Our patient information page summarises for you the most important information about our practice and the treatments we offer.


We have been approved by all German health insurance carriers. With an appropriate prescription from your doctor, we can provide you with physiotherapy services and bill them to your private or statutory German health insurance. If you come to us due a workplace injury, we can also send the bill to your trade association.

Parking at the airport

If you drive to our airport location, please park in the P20 car park. We have parking discount vouchers available for you in our office. Just insert your parking ticket at the pay machine and then insert your voucher.


We are happy to arrange appointments according to your wishes. Please understand that there may sometimes be a waiting period before we can see you. You can book your appointments by phone, in person, or via email.

Cancelling an appointment:
If you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours (or at least one business day) in advance. Otherwise, we will have to charge you personally for the missed treatment. If you cancel due to illness, we will credit you for the value of the missed appointment upon presentation of a doctor’s certificate.

Statotory Health Insurance

Validity of doctor’s prescription:
Please note that your doctor’s prescription for treatment is only valid for 14 days. This means that the first appointment must take place within 14 days after the doctor issues your prescription.

Prescription charge:
Since 01.07.2004, the statutory health insurance carriers have levied a charge for each doctor’s prescription. This charge is independent of quarterly charges (cf. Section 32 of the German Social Insurance Code V). Please pay the charge at your first appointment.

Prescribed treatment time:
The average treatment time for treatments covered by statutory insurance is 15 minutes. Your first appointment will be set for 30 minutes, which includes the 15 minutes’ treatment and initial diagnosis by our practitioner; each subsequent appointment will be 20 minutes, including pre- and post-treatment time.

Other information:
Please arrive on time for all appointments and remember to bring your doctor prescription, your health insurance card, and a large bath towel. If required, we can lend you a bath towel in our practice for an extra fee. Please bring any relevant medical notes and details of diagnoses.

Private Health Insurance

Before your first treatment, our receptionist will inform you of our rates. These fees are due at the time of treatment, regardless of the level of reimbursement you might receive from your insurance company. As the policyholder, you need to know how your insurance will handle these reimbursements. Please ask your insurance company before any treatment! Please arrive on time for all appointments and remember to bring your doctor’s prescription and any relevant medical notes and details of diagnoses.


We do not offer our services without a medical referral. You can however ask your doctor for a private prescription for the treatment you require. You will then be asked to pay the same fees as our privately insured patients. Please contact us for more details.

Data Protection

AIRPORTPHYSIO adheres to the requirements of the German Data Protection Act (BDSG). Personal data is collected and used only to the extent necessary for a physiotherapy practice (prescription adminstration, scheduling, contact, accounting, communication with the treating physician, insurance company, or other business transactions). In no case data will this information be disclosed to third parties.